Joe Parenti

Anne is a great trainer! She tailored unique workout plans to help me teach my personal goals, kept me motivated during our workouts together, incorporated elements of yoga to do at the end of our sessions, and introduced me to dynamic breathing exercises that I can use throughout the week. Highly recommend her services!

Rosie Condon

Anne is a fantastic coach – she takes into account my physical history and body type, and adapts a diverse range of exercises to fit my needs. She always motivates me and comes to our sessions with fresh and innovative ideas. I’d highly recommend her as a professional and fun trainer.

Michelle Zucker

I have been training my whole life and over the past years, I have been bored with every kind of exercise and trainer. And then I met Anne! She is always learning, exploring, and trying new things – and then she brings this energy and knowledge to her training sessions. If you are looking for someone who is fun AND wants to try things that are challenging for your body and mind, definitely call Anne!